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2003/04 Mississippi Duck Stamp & Print

2003/04 Mississippi Duck Stamp Print

The Northern Pintail

The Northern Pintail is a medium-sized dabbling duck that is abundant throughout North America. As early as August, these birds begin their fall migration south and form large roosting and feeding flocks on open, shallow wetlands and flooded agricultural fields where they will spend the fall and winter feeding on grains, marsh plants, seeds and aquatic invertebrates. Northern Pintails nest early and their primary nesting habitats are the prairie grasslands, arctic tundra of Alaska, Southern Canada and Northern Great Plains. They prefer to build their nest long distances from shallow wetlands. Because of this habit, predators and farming operations destroy thousands of Northern Pintail nests annually while water shortages threaten their wintering habitats. Since the early 1970's the population of the Northern Pintail has declined from 6 million to 3 million. Fortunately, habitat restoration, agricultural land enhancement and prudent harvest restoration are working to ensure that the Northern Pintail has a secure future in North America.

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Regular Edition $160
#001 - #500 Signed & numbered prints with matching number mint stamp

Artist Proof $185
#2001 - #2075 Signed & numbered prints with matching mint stamp


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