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2000/01 Mississippi Duck Stamp & Print

2000/01 Miss. Duck Stamp Print


Mallards have one of the most extensive breeding ranges of any duck in North America, extending across the northern one-third of the USA, and up to the Bering Sea.

The mallard is the most common duck in the USA, with greatest abundance between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. The 2001 estimate of 7.9 million breeding mallards was a 17% decrease from last years estimate of 9.5 million, but 5% above the long-term average. Mallard populations have benefited greatly from the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and other grassland restoration efforts in the northern prairies of the USA, where populations have increased 100% above the long-term average.

Pricing and Numbering Information

Regular Edition $155
#001 - #500 Signed & numbered prints with matching number mint stamp

Artist Proof $180
#2001 - #2075 Signed & numbered prints with matching mint stamp

Governor's Edition $300
#5001 - #5100 Signed & numbered prints with matching number mint stamp


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